Our Services

Website Design

We do not make cookie-cutter web sites. Instead we will design a website custom-fitted to your needs. You will be given a choice of 3-4 different concepts designed specifically for you. We will then take the concept you choose and make any changes you request to come up with the final design for your new website. During the design process, we will give you advice about what makes good and bad design for web sites, how to capture your audience's attention, and how to make your site look and feel professional. The right design will help your product sell, draw people further into your site, and keep your customers coming back time and time again.

Logo Design

Along with designing your custom website, we can design or redesign your logo. A logo will give your company an identity and make your products easy to recognize. As with website design, your satisfaction is our number one priority. We will give you several concepts to choose from and then make any modifications you suggest to come up with the logo that is just right for your company. We will make sure that your logo will look just as good in print as on the web so that it can be a versatile identity for your company.

Business Card Design

If you desire, we can take the look and feel of your new website to a business card, or any other printed material from stationary to tee-shirts. Once you approve the concept, we will place an order for your business cards with the company of your choice. If you do not know who you would like to purchase your business cards from, we have experience with several companies and can make a suggestion that will fit your vision and budget.

Ecommerce Site

Often the entire goal of a website is to sell products. If this is your goal, during the design process we will tailor your site to convert customers. Other than the design, one of the most important features of an ecommerce site is the shopping cart. We can find a shopping cart solution that will work with your website and your budget. We will give you options for your shopping cart and clearly explain the pros and cons of each so that you can decide what will work best for you and your customers. If you have a large or constantly changing inventory, we can give you the ability to update your inventory online. This will eliminate you having to contact us every time you need to make a change in your products. There are many different options and variables to creating a good ecommerce site. We will walk you through all of them so that your ecommerce site is one that your customers will keep coming back to.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps your site rank higher in the search engines. This, in turn, will get more people to your site. We will do the research necessary to see what keywords people use when searching for sites like yours. Then, to help your site rank higher, we will place those key words in strategic locations in your text. We will also look for directories that will list your site for free giving you publicity and coveted inbound links. To find out more about Search Engine Optimization please read our article about good SEO.


Databases are often essential to give websites versatility. Whether you need a database to keep track of your users, your products, or anything else, we can build it. We will also design an interface to your database that will make updating, modifying and viewing your database a breeze. In database design, our goal is to make the database be able to grow and change with your needs. Let us know what you need your database to do and we will make it happen.


Behind the scenes of every website there is programming that makes it function properly. It is good programming that makes your contact forms work correctly, lets an interface modify your database, and customizes your shopping cart. We will make sure that your website is programmed in the language that works best for your server's platform. We will also make sure that the programming your site is based on will be self so sufficient so it will work for years to come. Good programming will make your site easier for you to manage and help you evaluate feedback from your visitors.